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The Great Leap Forward

On Friday, the "Catholic 7" officially announced their plans to soldier on under the proud Big East banner and to stay in the league's traditional postseason home.  The news will read like a victory and provide a rare opportunity for basketball-first fans to cheer about the business side of college sports.  Celebrations aside, the new Big East knows it has not staved off irrelevancy.   Even after adding Butler and Xavier, it will only have slowed the process and softened the degree of their inevitable fall.    The new conference is not, in fact, designed to compete with the big boys.   At best, it hopes to fit comfortably and profitably beneath them. What choice do they have?    It has become clear that the BCS, and not the NCAA, will determine the future of college sports.   Those controlling the finances will never again act in the best interests of Georgetown, Villanova, St. John’s or their basketball-leaning league members. Despite the trappings of boldness in t