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Would Harper Lee Have Signed With the Miami Heat?

I admit it. I was one of the millions who tuned in to The Decision , the clumsy and uncomfortable ESPN program by Lebron, of Lebron and for Lebron. A genuine basketball wunderkind, Lebron James was so convinced of his exalted place in our consciousness that he was certain his business decisions should be televised live (he was, of course, proven correct as the amateurish one-hour show registered a higher rating than his final playoff game). I witnessed the announcement that he would play for Miami and then saw the ridiculous display of narcissism dissolve in to an equally bizarre talk radio-fueled hysteria. The insanity did not subside until I read a small piece in the New York Post noting a significant literary milestone. It said To Kill A Mockingbird , Harper Lee’s classic Southern novel, is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of its publication this year. Mockingbird was one of my mother’s favorite books. She read it the year it was published. I had just reached my first bi