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R.I.P. Gil Clancy

As a year winds down, most newspapers, television news shows and websites run a recap of “notable deaths” from the previous twelve months. The pieces are bittersweet as they invariably contain reminders of terrible tragedy, but mostly include names of those who have lived long and accomplished lives. Hearing a familiar name more likely produces a smile than a tear. Another characteristic of these “Obits-in-Review” is the fact that they tend to uncover a few deaths we missed during the year. Not a year goes by that I don’t discover that someone died in February, June or September by reading one of these end-of-the-year recaps. 2011 was no exception; but this time the name I had missed was someone I personally knew and admired. Gil Clancy was not a household name, but he earned a measure of fame first as a trainer and manager of world champion boxers and later as a terrific color commentator paired with Tim Ryan on CBS boxing telecasts. According to Newsday – but unbeknownst to me –